Apitriger syp

Description: A comprehensive formula of appetite stimulant  contains natural ingredients work  synergistically to stimulate Appetite

Apitriger syrup is complete appetite stimulant, carminative, stomachic, cholagogic, digestive, hepatoprotective,  immunomodulator and antioxidant effects.

In Enhancing memory: Apitriger has ingredient  Bocopa Monnieri  and its increases protein kinase activity and proteins synthesis in the brain cells there by Apitriger also enhances cognitive and intellectual abilities.

In Boasting immunity: Apitriger  posses an ingredients Withania Somnifera as having immunomodulator effects and its stimulate lymphocytes, increases WBC, RBC and platelets count, Thereby Apirtiger also improves immunity and over all health.

What is Appetite.

Appetite is a natural desire or need for food. The body must have a regular supply of food to that offers energy   and all the required nutrients. Healthy appetite particularly in children is considered a sign of good health and that is the reason why parents insist on their children eating more. When children with poor appetite do not eat nutritious diet, they tend to lose weight, become weak and fill sick frequently, their performance in the school is also greatly affected.

Common Causes For Loss Appetite

  1. Specific causes
  2. Gastrointestinal disorder
  3. Primary complex in children
  4. Chronic Glardiasis in children
  5. Chronic intestinal amoebasis/ worm infestation
  6. Latrogenic (Drug induced) condition

In all the above clinical conditions the appetite is decreases or lost, either because of the disease process itself or because of the usage of the drugs that are specific for the diseas.

Non- Specific Causes

In today’s modern world both adult and children are subjected to stress and strain.  In some cases no pathological cause be detected. Such cases are referred to as Non-specific  causes   and this probably  is the most common cause of Appetite.

Consequences of Loss Of Appetite

Infancy and childhood are periods of rapid growth. While during physically growth changes are also occur in the composition of the body. Besides physical development, functional, intellectual and social developments can take place only if the food rich in nutrition during early childhood is fed adequately.

Loss of Appetite and Inadequate intake of food may result in malnutrition and have deleterious effects on different system of the body. Besides loss of weight, the person may quite often succumb to infections due to lack of resistance. In children prolonged or frequent abnormalities may result in the impairment of growth.

In adults lack food intakes leads to deficiency states of the various nutritional factors. Over a period of time practically all the organ functions are affected. The person looses weight and become prone to infections due to poor immune competence.

Product Rationale

In the treatment of loss of appetite the product options should provide not only appetite stimulation and weight gain but also help with additional benefits which make child or adult an overall performer.

Therefore the Apitriger should not only stimulant appetite but also provide the following benefits:

  1. Increase food intake
  2. Improve assimilation
  3. Promote weight gain.

In children and adult group what is required goes beyond the above benefits provided. There is a need to make them excel.

Therefore the Aptriger should help in:

  1. Enhancing the cognition and intellectual abilities
  2. Boosting immunity and overall health.


Composition:  Alpinia Galanga, Terminalia belerice, Foenniculum Vulgare,Emblica officinalis,Bacopa Monnieri, Withania Somnifera, Eclipta Alba hasak, Piper Longum. Terminalia Chebula and Aloe Barbadensis.

Presentation: 200ml.