Description:   A Revolutionary concept in the treatment of under eye dark circles and Puffy eyes, with synergistic action of three active ingredients which take care of all factors which causes Dark Circle, Signs of Fatigue, Eye bags & Eye Puffiness.

Haloxyl: bind iron to make it soluble for Elimination, stimulate enzyme that degrade bilrubin deposited in periorbital  region.

Eyeliss: reduces permeability of blood capillaries, slow down water infiltration to the surrounding tissues, limit oedema, increases contraction frequency of lymphangions, Reinforce weakned cutaneous tissue and restructuring effect.

Prodizia: Fights the cutaneous signs of fatigue caused by glycation and glycoxidation.  Rebalances the production of melatonin by glycation tired fibroblasts.

Retraze is paraben free, non-comedogenic  does not cause photo-sensitization.

Composition: Haloxyl, Eyeliss, Prodizia

Indication: Dark circle, Signs of fatigue, Eye bags, Eye puffiness, Crow’s feet & Wrinkles.

Presentation: 15 gm