DESCRIPTION: The New Advanced skin Brightening cream is a synergistic combination of Glutathione and Tranexamic acid that enahances results to resolve melasma.

Inactivates Tyrosinase

  • By binding copper containing active site of the enzyme.
  • By blocking peroxides and free radicals.
  • Blocks melanin formation and prevents melanin accumulation.
  • Switching production of Eumelanin to pheomelanin and modulation the depigmenting abilities of other melanocytotoxic agents.

Dreamlite-TX is a paraben free, non-comedogenic

An outshining synergy to resolve melasma.

Composition: Glutathione and Tranexamic acid

Indication: Melasma, Hyper pigmentation, Chloasma, UV induced hyperpigmentation, Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Presentation: 15 gm